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Organic Nirvana BuDhaGirl Tisane Pouch - 15 Sachets

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Perfect for bringing about moments of relaxation. Our Nirvana Blend Tisane is created to soothe and calm your mind and body. Create your tea ritual by deeply breathing the tea’s aroma and allowing your mind to wander, do not control it, let it be.

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Organic Nirvana BuDhaGirl Tisane Pouch - 15 Sachets
Organic Nirvana BuDhaGirl Tisane Pouch - 15 Sachets Sale price€15,95

Nirvana Blend Tisane

For the height of relaxation...

The Story of Tea

Combining the spirit of water with the Earth’s floral bounty—BuDhaGirl introduces teas and tisanes that epitomize elegant simplicity. Bouquets of taste and aroma that promise to bring you delicious, mindful moments for your day.

BuDhaGirl, a purveyor of wellness, proudly presents our meticulously curated selection of exceptional teas and tisanes. Crafted over two years, each blend is uniquely tailored for BuDhaGirl in the USA, featuring organic ingredients rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Woman Holding Yellow Tea Cup Filled with BuDhaGirl Organic Tea | BuDhaGirl Teas and Tisanes
Woman Holding Yellow Tea Cup While Wearing Gold All Weather Bangle Bracelets Filled with BuDhaGirl Organic Tea | BuDhaGirl Teas and Tisanes

For generations, teas and tisanes have been steeped in ritual, nurturing body, mind, and spirit. The art of tea preparation embodies harmony, reverence, purity, and tranquility, offering a profound way to savor life's simple pleasures.

The Blends

BuDhaTea introduces two teas and two tisanes to enjoy throughout the course of your day. Beginning with our morning Lotus Blend Tea with green tea for an energizing start, then our Temple Blend Tisane for continued cleansing, followed by an afternoon tisane of magic Maripoza Blend Tea for a joyful pick-me-up, and ending with our serene Nirvana Blend Tisane for a restful evening. A beautiful yin-yang of teas and tisanes for your day.

Lotus Blend Tea with Green Tea for the Morning | BuDhaGirl

Lotus Tea

For a sumptuous and exuberant start...

Temple Blend Tisane with Cinnamon for Daytime | BuDhaGirl

Temple Tisane

For the height of well-being...

Maripoza Blend Tea with White Tea for the Afternoon | BuDhaGirl

Maripoza Tea

For a joyous and relaxing treat...

Nirvana Blend Tisane with Chamomile for the Evening | BuDhaGirl

Nirvana Tisane

For the height of relaxation...

The Ingredients in Nirvana Tisane

BuDhaGirl’s Nirvana Tisane begins with the incomparable Chamomile flower that has a treasure-chest of healing properties, from reducing stress to promoting sleep. Ginger root is added for digestion. Lemon balm for digestion. Licorice root as an anti-bacterial. Ashwagandha for stress and sleep. Lavender as anti-inflammatory. Passionflower for relaxation. Vanilla as a gentle sweetener to round out flavor. And finally, lemon oil to boost immunity.

Nirvana Blend Tisane | BuDhaGirl

Ginger Root
Lemon Balm
Licorice Root
Ashwagandha Root
Organic Vanilla Flavor
Organic Lemon Oil

The Preparation of Nirvana Tisane

To prepare: Place a BuDhaGirl Nirvana Blend Sachet in 6-8 ounces of boiling water (212 degrees) for 5-7 minutes. Tisanes tend to need more time for brewing, as the ingredients are a bit coarser than leaves. While you wait for your tisane to brew, we suggest taking a mindful journey into today’s gifts. What came into your life that gave you great joy? What did you do that surprised you? Are you ready to let go and rest?

Evening | BuDhaGirl


Time of Day

Water | BuDhaGirl



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Steeping Time | BuDhaGirl



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